Antwerp/Mechelen/Vilvoorde/Brussels – Telenet/SBS, Mediahuis, Proximus/Skynet and Pebble Media are joining forces and are together creating a national sales house. This unique partnership of local media players aims to provide advertisers with the most creative and efficient solutions to reach their customers, across media types and platforms. A strongly developed data offering will guarantee relevance and effectiveness.

Viewers, readers, listeners and internet users consume different media at all possible times of the day, through all kinds of platforms. More than ever, it is the consumer who determines the manner in which he or she comes into contact with brands, and this makes the customer journey much more complex.

It is thereby important for advertisers to provide the right message to the right consumer at the right time, and to do this through the right channels. This means that advertisers must deliver their message through a broad range of media, while always looking for maximum relevance and efficiency. From print, through audiovisual and digital, to video and native. But, above all, data-driven, because it is precisely the smart use of data that allows advertisers to reach their target groups in an effective and efficient manner.

In order to provide advertisers with the best possible and most efficient solutions for communicating with their target groups across media types and platforms, not only today but also in the future, local media players have teamed up. Telenet/SBS, Mediahuis, Proximus/Skynet and Pebble Media are joining forces, and are together creating a national sales house. At the same time Var will cease its participation in Pebble Media.

An extensive and premium brand portfolio

The cross-media offer of the new agency will consist of television, video, audio, print, online display, native and branded content, supplemented by smart data solutions, always starting from a broad range of complementary premium entertainment and news brands. From national  TV channels through regional newspapers to popular international streaming services and strong social networks.

In addition to the online and offline advertising offer of Mediahuis and SBS, it is intended that the portfolio will also consist of the online advertising inventory of both Skynet and Pebble Media, implying that the new sales house will also commercialise the online VRT brands. More specifically, the new sales house will include the advertising activities of the following media brands[1]:

  • Telenet/SBS: Vier, Vijf, Zes, BBC First, Play Sports and Njam!
  • Mediahuis: De Standaard, Het Nieuwsblad/De Gentenaar, Gazet van Antwerpen and Het Belang van Limburg, ATV, TVL, TVO and ROBtv.
  • Pebble Media: including, among others: éé,,, LinkedIn, Spotify, Snapchat,, etc.
  • Skynet Advertising: including, among others: Dailymotion, Verizon, Microsoft, Vroom, Autosalon, Voetbalkrant/Walfoot, etc.

 A large reach combined with precision and effectiveness

The premium brand portfolio of the new sales house guarantees a large and qualitative reach, both via television, in print and online.  On a monthly basis, its online reach will extend to more than 75% of all Flemish people and more than 25% of all French-speaking people. At the same time, a clear digital focus with customised data solutions will ensure far-reaching efficiency. After all, an advertiser does not have to be everywhere at the same time. Above all, he has to be where his customers are. By combining the richness of data of the various media brands a particularly strong range of segmentation options will be created. As a result, advertisers will be able to reach their customers even more effectively and efficiently, always with transparency and respect for the privacy of the consumer.

A unique partnership of local media players

The new national sales house will be a joint venture between Mediahuis (44.4%), Telenet/SBS (44,4%) and Proximus/Skynet (11.2%), and shall be formed by the commercial teams of Mediahuis, SBS and Pebble Media. Their knowledge of the local market, their customer-driven approach and their expertise, in combination with the premium brand portfolio, will be the hallmark of the new sales house.

It is the intention of the new sales house to become operational at the beginning of 2021.

[1] Certain third party brands will join the sales house portfolio after agreement on the transfer.