IMPACT, the Mediahuis sustainability pathway

Mediahuis is making good progress on sustainability. We see it as our responsibility to align our social, ecological and financial goals, and to ensure the success of our organisation in a responsible and sustainable way. The Mediahuis IMPACT programme has three focus areas: journalism that matters, developing talent and the green transition.

Journalism that matters

Mediahuis wants its journalism to have a positive impact on people and society. Every day millions of people find their way to our journalism. In search of information, insight and inspiration. In a time when fake news is everywhere, independent, pluralistic journalism is more important than ever. That is what we at Mediahuis believe in unconditionally and will continue to invest in. Not only within our own media, but via the investment fund Pluralis, also in European countries where pluralistic media are at risk.

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Unlocking all talent

It’s important to us that our staff can function well and feel good, so their talent can truly shine. Their development and vitality are central to that, alongside increasing the diversity in our organisation so Mediahuis can grow to be a more diverse and inclusive employer.

Green transition

Mediahuis’s ecological footprint is under scrutiny. By 2030, we want to be a climate-neutral organisation. To achieve this, our CO2 emissions from printing and distributing our newspapers, from our offices and our transport must come down to net zero.

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Initiatives in Belgium

In Belgium, Mediahuis supports various organisations and initiatives that strive for a sustainable society with equal opportunities for everyone and respect for nature and the climate.

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