Regulations for telephone competitions


Katwilgweg 2 – 2050 Antwerp – tel 02 422 78 78 –

1. MEDIAHUIS organises various competitions in which certain
• prizes can be won within a certain period. The competitions usually imply that the participant contacts us
• via a 0900 number from a landline, or via a text message using a mobile phone.

2. Participation in the competition implies that the participant accepts the competition regulations.

3. Anyone can request a copy of the competition regulations by sending a sufficiently stamped envelope, addressed to themselves, to MEDIAHUIS at the following address: Mediahuis, for the attention of Mobile Interactivity, Katwilgweg 2, 2050 Antwerp, and at the latest eight days prior to the final date of the relevant competition.

4. MEDIAHUIS is entitled to amend the competition regulations at any time.

5. The price of 1 text message or of participation is always clearly stated in a visible place for each competition.

6. The above-mentioned costs are always borne by the participant and cannot be charged to or recovered from MEDIAHUIS under any circumstances.

7. The selection of the winners is based on the correct reply from the participants on the one hand, and on a random basis on the other; the winner(s) is (are) selected at random by the computer or by means of a tie-breaker.

8. From the moment the identity of the winner(s) has been determined and the prize has been shipped, MEDIAHUIS waives any responsibility with regard to the prize, regardless of who is liable to pay any shipment or transport costs.

9. MEDIAHUIS is not liable for loss of the prize during transport or shipment.

10. MEDIAHUIS awards the prizes in the state in which they are. MEDIAHUIS cannot be deemed responsible for any damage in any way whatsoever. The shipping costs are at the expense of the winners, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

11. The MEDIAHUIS organisers of competitions are excluded from participating in the competition.

12. When participating in the competition via a 0900 number or text message, MEDIAHUIS has a justified interest in looking up the home address and name of the participant on the basis of his/her telephone number, in order to be able to deliver the prize(s) that was/were won.

13. The full privacy policy applied by MEDIAHUIS is available from

14. Any attempt of fraud will be punished with the immediate exclusion of the participant.

15. Printing, spelling, typesetting or similar errors cannot be invoked as grounds for any obligations whatsoever on the part of MEDIAHUIS.

16. Prizes/trips/tickets are strictly personal and cannot be transferred to third parties; they also cannot be paid out in cash.

17. If they have any questions about the competition as such, participants can contact by e-mail or on 02 422 78 78, during office hours and at their own expense, on the understanding that competition questions or winners will never be communicated by phone.

18. On penalty of forfeiture, all disputes must be notified in writing to MEDIAHUIS, for the attention of Mobile Interactivity, Katwilgweg 2, 2050 Antwerp, against whose decisions there is no recourse, within eight days after the dispute was raised or could reasonably be determined.

19. MEDIAHUIS informs the winners via text or personal letter.

20. All prizes are delivered to the winners. This could, however, be subject to some delay beyond the control of MEDIAHUIS. The winners will be informed accordingly if the delay exceeds 3 months. If, beyond the control of MEDIAHUIS, the prizes in question would then no longer be available, equivalent products can be supplied as a replacement.

21. All prizes will remain available to the winner(s) for two months from the date the winner is personally informed. In the event of non-collection within this period, the winner’s rights to the relevant prize will expire.