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Mediahuis Ventures

We are the corporate venture investment division of Mediahuis, partnering with founders at Series A and beyond. We invest in proven business models that need funding for growth.
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Unrivalled digital media expertise, strong customer focus, market facing innovation and award winning journalism are at the heart of Mediahuis.

Mediahuis Ventures brings passion and expertise to new ventures with experienced founding teams and an ambition for sustainable growth, that are seeking to scale up, driven by technology and product innovation.

With over 70 deals in 6 years, our expansion journey is only beginning.

We’re in it for the long haul


If you need multiple investment rounds to support your sky-high ambitions, we have the investment capacity to support you. Once we invest, we support your growth to market leadership.


A shared ambition and belief in the founder’s ability are the cornerstones of our investment decisions. Once we’re in, we take a hands-off yet supportive management stance, giving you the resources and independence you need to succeed.


We double down on what we believe in. That’s why we prefer a lead investor role and aspire a path to a majority position in all our investments, without ever compromising what is best for the future of your company.


We encourage a healthy scaling of the business, often investing in operations in advance of market demand, to build a strong and defensible competitive position that can stand the test of time.


We work with you to achieve the exit that balances the needs of all investors and shareholders and that works best for the sustainability of your business. We may choose to remain as a majority shareholder, or exit, and are guided by our commitment to the best choice for the business.

Strategic partnership

Our investment thesis is laser-focussed. We understand the market and are very specific about the companies and sectors we support. Partnering with us gives you access to all industry knowledge at our disposal.

Edtech & Corporate Learning

The way people learn has evolved drastically in recent years, making space for new disruptive models that appeal to young audiences.

From B2C personal development to B2B corporate training, we aspire to work with founders that will play a crucial role in educating future generations.


Technology now plays a crucial role in the relationship between brands and audiences.

From analytics platforms, to marketing automation to automated content generation, we invest in forward looking technologies that optimise the business relationship and customer experience for media brands and audiences.


Mediahuis has a proven track record with marketplace models. Matching supply and demand is part of our expertise.

We specifically look for investments in real estate data, recruitment and job platforms — aimed at both fortifying and expanding our position.

Our strategic partnerships