Social initiatives in Belgium

Together we have an impact

Concrete action, that's how we make the difference. We support organisations and initiatives in Belgium that are in line with our vision on sustainability. In several domains, Mediahuis employees also take the initiative themselves.

Belgian Alliance for Climate Action

Mediahuis is part of the Belgian Alliance for Climate Action or BACA for short. Within BACA, 51 Belgian companies and organisations are committed to achieving ambitious climate targets, within the framework of the Paris climate agreement.

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De Genereuzen

The Genereuzen is a movement that makes concrete work of inclusion. The organization focuses on the coexistence, living and working of people with and without disabilities. Not in words, but in deeds.

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YAR Vlaanderen

YAR Vlaanderen helps young people with a combination of problems in different areas of life. It mostly, but not exclusively, concerns young people with a file at the juvenile court. YAR offers these young people a chance to get their lives back on track.

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Kom op tegen Kanker

Kom op tegen Kanker is a non-governmental organization that stands up for the right of patients to the best treatment and care, and the right of people to a healthy living environment.

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