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The first appointment that entrepreneurs, CEOs and executives have every morning to talk about the latest economic news in their region is with Made in. It’s available in the online medium of their choice: mailbox, website or social media, and in 7 seven areas of Flanders: Limburg, Kempen, Antwerp, Mechelen, Flemish Brabant, East Flanders and West Flanders. There are always few essential agenda items readers can rely on: optimistic entrepreneurship, regional relevance and powerful, independent journalism. In short, with Made in, entrepreneurs can keep up-to-date with the regional SME landscape.

Made in in perspective

Made in Live events
Made in Live events

In addition to meeting the daily news requirements, Made in brings entrepreneurs together at a unique B2B networking event in one region every year, to inspire them and facilitate valuable business contacts. Leading regional entrepreneurs tell their success stories and give valuable tips and tricks that those attending can apply immediately. Made in also provides culinary treats in an excellent atmosphere.