Mediahuis is an innovative a flexiblea customer-orientedan effectivea respectful house

Mediahuis believes unconditionally in independent journalism and a strong and relevant media that make a positive contribution to people and society. Mediahuis is an open-minded organisation with a curious outlook on the world. It’s a company where people and brands can maintain their individuality while having room to grow. Mediahuis is ambitious and creates an environment in which continuously searching for improvement is taken for granted.


Innovation is embedded in our genes. We are pioneers, always looking to improve. We make sure that our people are, and remain, in the know. Our employees grasp the chances they get to continuously develop themselves.


In the media world, the only constant is change. That’s why we have to change and react to what is happening. Our employees expect that from us, and we expect it from them.


Customer-oriented thinking and acting means we constantly ask ourselves whether or not our propositions and decisions contribute to the service and experience which we offer our clients.


We go straight for the target. Together we create the processes and the working environment that allow us to achieve this. Our employees take on the responsibility of being effective in their own field.


We are stronger together than alone. That’s why we believe in joining forces, and why our people and brands work together in a sustainable way, with room and understanding for mutual competition and local interests.