Customized campaigns

How to reach the right target with the correct message: we will be happy to point you in the right direction!

01 MH Brand Studio

Consumers want to be presented with stories about brands that give added value and with which they feel connected. MH Brand Studio’s specialists in native advertising will help you communicate your brand’s message in a creative way, in line with the DNA of our brands and in close harmony with the interests of our readers. We can thus connect your brand with its target audience in a credible fashion via our platforms and by using the right formats.

02 MH Data Studio

For a campaign to be successful, it is essential that it reaches the right target. In addition to a broad palette of ready-to-use segments, we also offer a personalised data service. MH Data Studio’s data scientists assist advertisers in developing target groups that reflect their brand. Because the more a campaign is delivered in a targeted way, the more the message will be pertinent for the consumer and the more the results will be convincing. In this context, transparency and respect, both with regard to our readers as well as with regard to our advertisers, will invariably be the cornerstone of our efforts.